Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We put the offer in on our house on June 20th, and were supposed to close escrow on August 20th. Well, we finally closed on September 24th (34 days late!!) What a frustrating process that was. We've been trying to fix the place up before we move in. Once we are in, we have a long to do list of more updates.

 The previous owners had updated many things in the house like the roof, windows, doors, furnace, etc. But, most of the cosmetics were original from 1979. Lime green linoleum, faux stone linoleum (which totally looked like giraffe) Pea soup color carpet in the living room...

Here are some photos of our progress so far....

Kitchen before. 
Me moved the bar on the right down to the basement next to the washer and dryer. We would like to remodel/re-configure the entire kitchen someday, with white cabinets. Shortly after we move in we will take down the random cabinet on the right, paint, and figure out something to put on the empty wall on the right until we re-model someday.

front room before. 
 and after. we still need to caulk and paint the window/door trim, and add new baseboard moulding. 


front room before


Once we paint the walls, the new baseboard moulding will go in. 



Saturday, November 3, 2012

Little steps...

Lou started walking today! About 9-10 steps, but I know within the next week he will be full on walking everywhere!