Monday, June 20, 2011

Belly Photos

Taken Father's Day - 25 weeks & 4 days

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emerick Funnies

I realized that I hadn't been writing down the random silly things Emerick says/does and that I need to start before they fade from my memory :-( I will add to this post as I think of more...


Emerick's response to me asking him why he had thrown his toy on the floor and broke it:

"I don't know! I go insane!"

Apparently he outgrew his recent pair of play shoes, he kept taking them off saying "ouch" so I asked him what hurt:

"My shoes are hurting my socks!"

Driving through Bulle Rock, we saw a Bride and Groom being photographed, Emerick turned his head and upon noticing them yells out:

"Ohh! A Princess!" (we didn't even realize he knew what a Princess was!)

***updated 8/1/11***

In the dressing room with my Mom and me as we are trying on skirts he says to my Mom..
"Grammy? Are you a Princess?!"

After he fell onto his bum he yelled to me...
"Mama! Kiss my heiny!"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

25 weeks

This pregnancy is going by very quick. I am taking every day one at a time, and unlike my pregnancy with Emerick - I am in no hurry to deliver. I am enjoying the last of our weeks together as a family of three. There is no need to rush because I know Baby Brother will be here before we know it!

Preparing this time around has been easy and inexpensive. I went through all of Emerick's clothes, from newborn - 1 year and organized them, putting away all of the tiniest clothes in the baby's dresser/closet, and the rest are waiting in storage bins. We don't really have to buy anything except for diapers which I am stocking up on ahead of time. (we already have a bunch!)

All of my checkups have been quick and uneventful, as they were with Emerick. I am blessed to have easy uncomplicated pregnancies.

I started to feel this baby move at around 16 weeks, and he was not really all that active until the past 3 days or so, he has been moving A LOT. I can watch my belly move around, and I can tell that he is laying in there diagonal with his feet on my left side. Two nights ago I felt his hiccups for the first time!

We are planning to have a 4d ultrasound in July to get a sneak peak at what this little guy looks like! I will also be induced once again, and will most likely deliver sometime around the 21st of September! That means Emerick and Baby Brother's Birthdays will be less than 2 weeks apart. Another huge plus of having another boy - shared birthday parties! ;-)

Here is a quick bathroom mirror self belly shot!

24 weeks + 4 days

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two & a Half

This blog post is long overdue - Emerick turned 2 1/2 on April 2nd :-)

He is suddenly very tall, and becoming quite lean. I am sure by the time he is 5 he will be a scrawny thing like his Mama and Daddy were. He loves the water, and we recently bought him a water play table to play with which he loves. We plan to enroll him in swimming lessons again this Summer. He is currently obsessed with superheroes and doesn't play with his Buzz and Woody toys as often :-( He says he wants to have a "Batman Bicycle" (translation: Batman motorcycle aka Bat Cycle) Birthday Party this year. He is talking in little sentences that are becoming more and more understandable to strangers, and not just those that are around him daily. He is excited about "Baby Brother", although I don't think he really understands that there will actually be a baby living with us in less than 4 months! He says his Baby Brother is going to sit in the very back of our car, not the seat next to him. He also picked out a pair of itty bitty Spiderman socks for the baby, and he talks about this daily - he is very proud! I can't wait to see Emerick become a Big Brother!

He weighs about 36 lbs and is about 36 1/4 inches tall. He mostly wears 3t pants/shorts, 4t shirts, and size 8 shoes.

He still doesn't let me take proper photos of him, so this recent snapshot of him passed out on our bed after a long Memorial Day playing outside in the water with his cousins will have to do! Proper recent photos will hopefully come soon!