Sunday, November 10, 2013

Emerick ~ 5 years

Emerick is loving preschool this year! I am starting to feel really anxious about sending him to Kindergarten all day next year :-( It doesn't seem possible that he is already 5! 

Emerick's 5 year stats...

Height: 43 inches (50%) 
Weight: 41 3/4: (52%) 

He is getting taller and skinnier everyday! He is always asking me when his "Teep will be wiggly" (teeth) because he wants the "toos-sairy to come" He also asks me all the time if I can have another baby because "Louis is too big" yikes...

Louis ~ 2 years

Louis turned two on September 21st, but his checkup wasn't until late October. Here are his stats!! He talks up a storm, in sentences and that even impressed his Dr. :-) Smart munchkin!

Height: 34 1/2 inches (50%)
Weight: 29.4 lbs (80%) 
Head: 52 (98%)