Friday, April 27, 2012

Louis ~ 7 months

A little late, but I am finally getting around to blogging Lou's 7 month snapshots! I think he has grown a lot in the past month, and he has also started to act much older and less "baby" like - if that makes sense. 

He is starting to wear  more 18 month size clothes, which is so crazy to me. I have no idea how much he weighs or anything, he won't go back to the Dr. until June for his 9 month checkup. 

He is eating "solids" for breakfast and dinner now, and loving it. He eats fruits and veggies, no cereal because of his constipation issues. His bottom two teeth are about to pop through, I can see them bulging under his gums. 

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Thursday, April 26, 2012


Check out my blog post on my Photography blog.

 I took Emerick out in Grammy and Papa's yard to take a few pictures of him as we were leaving there the other day.

He is SO silly, always trying to get a laugh (especially trying to entertain and make his baby brother laugh!) and I love that these photos capture him exactly how he is at 3 1/2 years old.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All In One Day

Yesterday, Lou not only learned how to drink a bottle, but hold it all by himself... all in one day!

Luckily I have only ever had to leave him for a maximum of about 4 hours at a time. Usually, Grammy or James have had to basically force him to take the bottle. He fought it hard, lots of tears.  Once he started eating some "solid" foods, I never even bothered to bring the bottle for him to try when I left him. Just his baby food, and knowing he would be okay to wait for me to get home for milk.

Last night I had to visit the ER, and James was at school. Grammy came over to stay with the boys, and she tried the bottle before she put Lou to bed. He took it right away, and even held it by himself as if he has been a bottle drinker from day one. This makes me so happy! Not only will I not have to worry about him so much when I am away for a few hours, but starting tonight he got an extra few ounces of my milk before bed.

Here's to hoping this helps him sleep through the night finally!!

Off to School...

Emerick has had it on his mind lately that he is going to leave. He will put his shoes on and say "I am going to walk to Grammy's house", or "I am going to go out on the road." He always tells us that he will be careful and watch for cars and that he will be fine.

This morning I went to an open house at the pre school he will be going to in the Fall, and I had just finished telling him about it. I was sitting at my desk and noticed he put his backpack on, and then his shoes. Luckily my camera was sitting right next to me because he then proceeded to walk out the back door (which was already open) and said "Bye Mama! I am going to walk to school" I said "Bye, have fun!" and followed him to see if he was really going to leave......

Sure enough, he really thought he was going!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Some photos from Easter, in no particular order :-)