Sunday, September 27, 2009


Emerick has never been mistaken for a girl by a stranger, until last week.

We were grocery shopping and not one, not two, but three people referred to Emerick as a SHE.

I guess it is his new golden locks of hair.

It sure is tough being beautiful.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


You probably wouldn't guess that this is a sick baby boy.

Poor guy doesn't feel well, and neither do I. I have body aches and a sore throat, and Emerick has a stuffy runny nose, low fever, and is just cranky. Last night he was up every hour, so we are all very tired tonight. I am loading up on DayQuil/NyQuil, but there is not much I can do for Emerick because he is too little for any cold medicines. Tonight he had a vapor bath, followed by Vicks's Baby Rub on his chest, and Infants Tylenol. It seemed to do the trick, as he is snoozing away in his room. I am hopeful for a good nights rest.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

|boys like trucks|

Emerick got this little truck in his goodie bag from cousin Jake's birthday party a couple of months ago, and it quickly became his favorite toy. He has several little cars, but this truck is his favorite. He loves to push it around the house, carry it with him in the car, take it to Grammy's house, I am sure he would sleep with it if we let him. He drives his truck on the walls, in the windowsills, he takes it with him when I change his diaper, he gets mad when I take his truck away from him. It is precious having a little tiny man in the house.

Sadly, Emerick has pushed his truck around so much that it cut his little knuckle from the way he pushes it, and it made him bleed. We are going to have to hide the truck for a few days while his boo boo heals :(

Friday, September 4, 2009


Today as I fed Emerick his lunch, I pointed to his bib and said "that's Elmo" A few minuted later I asked him "where is Elmo?" to which he responded by pointing to Elmo on his bib. I asked him this a couple more times during his lunch, and he responded by pointing to Elmo on his bib. Then, after lunch I wanted to see if he was actually identifing Elmo, or just his bib. So I lined up some of his toys including Elmo, and asked him again where Elmo was. He reponded by pointing to the Elmo doll.

Smart boy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

|11 months|

It is hard to believe that he is already almost ONE! He has changed so much, and he continues to grow and change with each passing day. He is mimicking us now, and learning something new every day.

At eleven months old Emerick is 25 1/2 pounds & about 30 inches. He is wearing size 12 month clothing, and size 3 diapers. He drinks about (4) 6-8 oz. bottles of formula per day, and we are about to switch him over to Vitamin D milk per the Pediatricians recommendation. He still eats just about anything we offer and enjoys big people food, along with stage 3 jar food. His favorite snack is Gerber Lil' Crunchies. He has 6 adorable teeth. (2 bottom, 4 top) His hair is getting very long and full (not to mention blond) and he is starting to get precious little curls at the bottom, which can be seen in the photo below.

Emerick has the most adorable little double handed wave I have ever seen, he waves towards his face, not towards the person he is waving to! He is obsessed with lights and ceiling fans, and will point to the overhead lights when asked "where are the lights?" He is still a dancing machine, and loves music. He does his own version of blowing kisses when asked to, but he can't quite figure out how to clap! He walks along the furniture, but has yet to build up the confidence to take those first steps.

Happy 11 months Emerick! We cant wait to celebrate your first year at your birthday party :)

(we used this photo in color for his birthday invitation, which most of you have probably already received.)