Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{33 weeks}

I feel like the countdown has really begun! I am 33 weeks and feeling huge! My last day of work is September 10th, and I am counting down the days. Every day proves harder and harder to get out of bed and get to work. I can barely put my own pants on anymore. It will be nice to (hopefully) have those last couple of weeks before he is born, to myself at home. I am most looking forward to not having to get dressed everyday, I can just stay in my jammies all day.

Here are some of Emerick's ultrasound photos. We will have 1 last ultasound around 36 weeks to predict his weight, and see if he is in position for delivery. I can't even wait to meet the little guy.

{6 1/2 weeks}

{16 weeks}

{25 weeks}

{29 weeks}

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Rose C said...

You must go directly to my blog and see how very much Colin looks like his 3D u/s. EP is so cute!