Thursday, November 27, 2008

|emerick's airplane|

We might be crazy weird parents, but we have already talked about how we will decorate Emerick's room once he is a toddler (once we break down the crib which converts into a full size bed) we probably won't do this until he is maybe 3 years old?

James friend MADE Emerick this really cool vintage airplane to hang from the ceiling. The airplane is huge, not sure if you can get an idea of its size from the photos. James has mentioned a couple of times that I need to put a picture the airplane on the blog for his family to see, so here it is!

I came across this really cute bedding collection from The Company Store - Kids, which would go perfect with the vintage airplane hanging from the ceiling! Too bad the collection is discontinued and they only have a couple of the items left :( I guess I gotta keep searching!

Also, you can click on this photo below to see it larger. Emerick's eyes seem to be getting lighter! I did not enhance this photo at all, and I didn't even take the picture with my fancy camera. Do you think his eyes look blue?

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