Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We are now residents of beautiful Maryland, and we have been enjoying spending our time together, catching up with family and friends. I LOVE it back here, and I am so glad we chose to make this move and raise our family here. We landed in Maryland on December 30th, and "moved" into our new home on New Years Day. We sent our furniture and things across country via SMARTBOX, which is like PODS. The estimate was that our things would get here on January 6th, but they did not get here until the 13th! We were literally camping out in our new place for 2 weeks! Luckily we have plenty of family nearby who were kind enough to loan us air matresss, blankets, towels, and all of those necessities. For those two weeks, James and I slept on a queen air mattress, and Emerick had his own twin size right next to ours. We are still trying to get settled in. I spend my days unpacking boxes and getting the place organized while James is at work. (Oh, and hanging out with my Mom AKA Grammy who lives 6/10ths of a mile from us!) while James is at work. We still do not have Internet, so I am posting from my Mom's house. We should hopefully have Internet by next week, at which time I will start posting blogs regularly again.
I have waited over 26 years to see it snow for the first time. Since landing in Maryland, I would look out the window in the middle of the night at every feeding, just to see if it was snowing. As if 26 years was not long enough, I waited...and waited..and waited...and finally, after 20 days in Maryland it snowed. It was beautiful! Of course I could not just stay inside and watch it snow for the first time, I had to venture outside. Since James was working, I called my Mom and we went out for a bit. When we got back to our neighborhood, the sun decided to come out, which was amazing. It was so pretty! Mom and I got out of the car to "play" in the snow, Emerick stayed in the car since he was sleeping. The next time it snows, Emerick is going to build a snowman!

Emerick is doing great, he sure keeps me busy! He is currently about 17 pounds, wearing size 1 diapers, and 3-6 month clothing. Still not sleeping through the night. OH, except for THAT ONE NIGHT, the one where we decided to stay up ALL Night and not go to sleep since we had a flight to catch to Maryland at 5AM the next morning! Yep, he slept through the night ONE night, and of course it was the night James and I did not go to sleep! Little bugger! He loves to sit in his bumbo and play with his toys. Anything he gets his little hands on, goes straight to his mouth of course. His current obsession is his feet. He LOVES his feet, especially when he has striped socks on them! He tries really hard to grab them, but just isn't quite coordinated enough yet. A couple more months and I am sure he will be grabbing his toes. He also loves Grammy & PaPa's fireplace!

I will be posting more pictures once we get our Internet set up, but for are couple recent pictures. Enjoy.


Colin's Daddy said...

I can't believe that chub is still in size 1 diapers! He is adorable! Hope you are loving your new home!

Krista said...

it's good to finally hear from you!!!! that last picture looks like James alot!! well i am glad you love maryland!! i cant wait to see more pictures!

Lori Raddatz said...

Oh thank you for posting. I needed a fix!