Sunday, March 29, 2009

|just in case...|

It was beautiful outside this evening. The sun was shining and the air was warm. Warm enough to capture some naked pictures of Emerick OUTSIDE for once. So we went for a walk to a pretty walking trail that runs through the golf course where we live. Emerick fell asleep on the walk, but while he was awake, he was having a great time in his stroller. One mile later, we found a spot to take a photo of Emerick in this really cool vintage doll cradle that my Mom bought me at an antique store in Churchville. As I was undressing Emerick, the sky turned gray and we heard a thunder clap in the near distance. Within minutes it was cold, no sun in sight and the thunder and lightening was right over our heads. Here we were on a trail about one mile from our home, no coats and no umbrellas. We quickly half dressed Emerick and strapped him back in the stroller and started running home. At this point it was starting to rain a little. Half way home and it was pouring. We were almost home, when we heard "here is an umbrella!" We looked up and there was a lady on her balcony of the building across from ours ready to toss us an umbrella! So nice of her. We made it home, soaked but with a story to tell. Time to buy a jogging stroller, just in case.

A snapshot of some flowers, about 30 minutes before the storm, right at the entrance of the walking trail.

Emerick passed out in his stroller, 15 minutes before the storm.

Our sweet, sweet boy. 5 minutes before the storm.

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Anonymous said...

i don't even know what to say about that last one in the craddle! im speechless!!! i LOVE him!