Friday, May 15, 2009


before i met my husband, he dreamt of having a son named emerick. when i heard it, i fell in love with it. it is simple, but strong - a form of the name emery, meaning "industrious leader". it is a name james loved, but it wasn't until after he voiced his love for the name that he learned it was a family name. how about that for "meant to be"?

the original emerick. emerick john matusky (james' great-great grandfather.)

and this is one of his sons, also named emerick john matusky. (click on these images to view larger.)

this photo is of emerick's 2 sons, emerick (right) & ernest (left). ernest is james' great-grandfather, emerick would be james' (great-great?) uncle. they were jewelers, and these photos were taken at their store on charles street, downtown baltimore. notice the name of the business (E. Matusky) i think i am going to frame these photos and put them in our emerick's bedroom :)

and our very own emerick paul matusky, the third emerick born into the matusky family. we gave him paul as a middle name after my dad. he is 1 special little boy. :)

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Erin said...

How cool! I love stuff like that. And what a great story to tell Emerick when he's older. So fun.