Monday, August 10, 2009

|one is so much fun!|

emerick's first birthday is less than 2 months away, and for me it is bittersweet. he is growing much too fast, and although i am sad at times that he will not be a baby for much longer, i am excited about our next year with him. watching him learn and grow, hearing him talk. there is so much to look forward to.

i have started planning his birthday, a sock monkey party! let's face it, first birthday parties are all about the adults, babies have no idea what is up! james and i love sock monkeys (who doesn't?!) so it seemed appropriate. the only problem is, you can't buy sock monkey party supplies at the stores. i am not complaining, i love to find handmade things, and to hand make things myself. here is a little sneak peek at his party theme, i am going to make a "happy birthday" banner with these papers that i bought online. i will also make table runners using matching fabric that i found.


Rose said...

My friend did a party with this EXACT fabric last August/Sept! it was so cute!

taryn said...

GO anni!!!!! I can't wait to see the picks from his party. I know EXACTLY what you mean about it being bittersweet. I dread owen's first birthday but I also love all the new things he does every day :( I wish they didn't have to grow so fast!!!

taryn said...

pics *