Sunday, December 6, 2009

|Oh Christmas Tree|

Since the day we moved to Maryland, I have looked forward to cutting down our own Christmas Tree, and taking Emerick to a tree farm this year. Since it was such a pretty day today, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, and there was still fresh snow on the ground from yesterday's snowfall, I thought it was surely the perfect day to get our tree.

I was wrong. Our day was filled with lots and lots of mud.

The entire parking lot at Applewood Farm was a sludgy muddy mess. Just about every car there got stuck. My car got stuck twice! We were filthy by the time we got home.

It was 33 degrees out today, and I don't think Emerick has been outside in that cold of weather for more than 2 minutes, and he freaked out. Poor thing. We walked through the trees for about 3 minutes, snapped a few photos, and then Emerick lost it. He was crying uncontrollably.

So Emerick and I waited in the warm car while Daddy picked out, and cut down our tree.

Once we got home, and got the tree set up in the stand we realized that it was way too big, it looked massive in our living room! So, we had to trim back a lot of branches. The tree was so muddy from James dragging it through the mud to pay for it. Even though they shake the tree for you, there was still mud and ice left on it. So there was a huge mud trail in our living room. Then the ice on the tree started melting as we were trimming it, and muddy icy water fell onto the carpet in a big ring around the bottom of the tree. I spent a good half an hour hand washing the carpets, and then another hour and a half scrubbing the mudd off of the walls and the tile floors. It was quite the evening.

We are going to wait until tomorrow night to decorate, because we need to let the tree dry out. This day didn't play out how I had envisioned it in my head, but I am sure it was a day we will never forget. The smell of fresh pine in my house is worth it, and I am sure tomorrow night when the tree is all decorated it will really be worth it.

But, I still think I will go with a fake tree next year!

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