Wednesday, February 3, 2010

chit chat

It seems like every day Emerick repeats a new word! He will be speaking (more than two word!) sentences before we know it. This means we are really trying to make an effort to watch our potty mouths ;-)

Emerick also turned 16 months old yesterday. I find it really hard to think of fun and active things to do with him when it is so cold outside. We have taken him to Barnes and Noble several times lately and he just loves it. He loves books, so we just let him explore the kid area, and read books off the shelves. They also have a Thomas the Train set, that he of course loves.

Some of Emerick's new words:

night night (nye nye)
ouch (oww)

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Joanna said...

Anni- man Emerick is getting SO BIG. I saw your comment on Kelly's blog this morning and realized I hadn't stopped by yours in a while.

Total husband and I have quite the potty mouths. It's always funny the first time they say a 'colorful' word but not quite so funny when they say in..oh I don't ;)