Tuesday, April 6, 2010

18 month stats

Today Emerick had his 18 month Dr. visit. His Dr. said that most babies his age are scared of him, and freak out when he touches them, but Emerick doesn't mind one bit! He is so friendly, and just loves everybody. He is such a trooper, he just sits still while he is poked and prodded, not to mention he has never cried once when getting a shot! Such a tough guy!

Newest words:
Uh Oh! (He says Doot Doot!)
Light (He says A Yigh!)
Mack (from the movie Cars, he says "Maaa!"
Ellen (my parent's dog)

He can also identify Mack, Sheriff, and The Hudson Hornet. He will pick up, or go find in his bucket of cars and trucks the one you ask for! You will rarely see Emerick without Sheriff and Hudson Hornet in his hands! They are his fave. Love it.

Here are his stats...

Height: 33 1/2 inches - 75%
Weight: 29.4 lbs - 90%
Head circum: 51cm - 100%!!!!

As much as a Dr. can predict something like this at just 18 months, he says Emerick should be at least his Dad's height at 6ft. :-) Daddy wouldn't mind if he gets some added height from his Pa Pa who is 6ft4in!!

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Anonymous said...

doodie bears is a giant! and his head is full of brains! i can't wait until he shows me all of his favorite cars. i love him with my whole heart. xoxo