Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Real Haircut

On Tuesday evening we finally took Emerick to get his first real haircut, and he did surprisingly well. We gave him his binky, but he probably would have done just as well without it. He sat still the entire time, watching cartoons on the TV in front of him. I was so relieved that he did so well, and that he didn't end up with a horrible butchered cut! It was also a Daddy/son bonding moment, James had his hair cut at the same time :-) Matching styles. I do miss Emerick's curls, and I always thought he looked adorable with his long hair, but I am glad he has a new big boy style just in time for summer.

Here is a slide show of his haircut. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

what a pair of handsome Emerick's new do!...
Did dad get a lollipop too?...Love Mommom

Krista said...

He looks SO much older with that hair cut. And he looks so much like James!
I'm so scared to get Augie's hair cut.. I probably won't!