Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Details

We found out on January 19th, 2011 that baby #2 is on his or her way. The due date is September 28th, 2011 which is just 4 days before Emerick's 3rd birthday! This pregnancy has already been a lot different than with Emerick. I was sick! The last couple of weeks I seem to be getting better as far as the morning sickness (all day sickness really) goes. I am already showing, but it is more of a beer belly than a baby belly ;-) Emerick says he doesn't want Mama to have a baby, but if you ask him "is the baby a boy or a girl?" he says "GIRL!" or if you ask the other way around "is the baby a girl or a boy?" he says "BOY!" haha! The baby's heartrate ranges from the 160's - 170's, so if you predict the gender based on that old wives tale, this baby should be a girl. Emerick's heartrate was always in the 140's, and the tale was true for him being a boy. We will definitely find out the sex in a few weeks, but we will keep the baby's name to ourselves until he or she is born :-)

First ultrasound - 7 weeks & 5 days (baby measured 7 weeks & 3 days)
We gave the baby the nickname "Gummy Bear" after this ultrasound

Second ultrasound, baby's profile - 11 weeks & 5 days (baby measured 12 weeks & 3 days)


Krista Bandy said...

When I found out it was a girl.. the HB was 157...don't believe it! I do hope it's a girl though! I'm really excited.. and I'm really glad you finally put it out in the open!!!!! I really wished we lived closer.. even if we lived a state away, I would come visit! I know the MS will get better, mine did! And your face will clear up, haha. I think you are having a girl because we have similiar pregnancy this time around..but I guess everyone is different.. but I just think it is a girl! I hope I'm not wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicki said...

Remember how my belly was... with Em i showed early and gained everywhere... i gained 40 lbs with her. and with Parker i gained in my belly only and only gained 23 lbs. Did u do the other old tales? u know i so believe in them haha!!! i bet its a girl!!! Im so jealous i want a baby so bad!