Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mr. Bones - Year 4

I have always had a little obsession with what I call "Mr. Bones" jammies. Since before I had kids of my own, James and I bought them for our niece and nephew. Since Emerick was a newborn he has had a set of Mr. Bones jammies every Fall! Louis has his own set (in addition to the one Emerick wore as a newborn) because I found one with candy in the belly - who can resist?!

I never did get around to getting a snapshot of the boys together in their Mr. Bones jammies in October, so I decided to squeeze Louis back into the 0-3 month size sleeper (which by the way was already packed by up because he has outgrown that size and is huge!) and get a photo. And so, I took this photo.

 Emerick quickly lost interest or so I thought, and got up off of the couch...So I took a couple of Lou by himself.

Emerick came back over, with his little toy CARS camera in hand, and started taking his own photos of his little brother!


Sandie Hirase said...

So cute, Annie. I love seeing all of your photos. Wish you were closer :-).

Nicki Thatcher said...