Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Louis ~ 3 Months

Louis is wearing 6 month size clothes and size 3 diapers (though I am squeezing him into the last of our size 2s!) I call him "Big Lou" because he really is enormous. He SCREAMS, instead of cooing like most babies. He screams a high pitched scream both when he is upset and when he is happy. He won't take a binky and fights taking a bottle, especially if Mama tries to give it to him. He has started using his hands to reach for the toys on the toy bar of his bouncy chair. He also lifts his feet to he can get a better look at them. He still loves bath time, probably his favorite part of the day. His little personality is blossoming and he is such a joyful little person to have around.

 He doesn't have his next Doctor appointment until next month.

 Not as big of a change this month as I saw from 1-2 Months I don't think, but still amazing to see these side-by-side. 

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Grammy Pammy said...

Oh much chunkier for sure!! And he personality has blossomed too. Can see it in the photos! =)