Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Louis ~ 1 Year Old!

Louis turned ONE YEAR this past Friday the 21st! He is so much fun to have around, he has been the perfect addition to our family. I can't wait to watch him continue to blossom. (not that I wish time to go even faster!) 

He has 4 teeth and two more peeking through. He is saying a handful of words. 

"uh oh"
"go go go" 
"who's that" ("hssssat")
"tickle tickle" ("ttt ttttt") while wiggling his little fingers like we do right before we tickle him :-) 

He is pretty close to walking, he stands up for long periods of time, but hasn't taken that first step independently. I am sure he could if he tried. He is finally sleeping through the night! He has gone through phases in the past where he sleeps through the night. I am hoping this time it sticks forever! He mostly takes two naps a day. But, with life being so crazy lately, he often only gets one. He is still nursing (no end in sight!) and has had some cows milk and seems to be fine with it. He loves all food that he has tried so far except watermelon and cantaloupe! Mama doesn't like melons either. 

This project of monthly snapshots with his giraffe has been so much fun! I only wish I had done this with Emerick :-( 

1 Year stats: 
21.6 inches (55%)
29.5 inches (40%)
49.5 head (98%!!!) 

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