Friday, September 26, 2008


I have been having a good contraction, about 1 per hour since yesterday. They are still not painful, but slightly more uncomfortable than the regular braxton hicks I have been having since I was about 4 months pregnant. Besides being slightly more uncomfortable and more frequent, the only difference is that you can visibly see by looking at my belly that I am having one. It looks CRAZY. My stomach gets tight, and it appears He is being pushed down, and it looks lumpy. I can't really explain it well, but it looks crazy. How long can these go on for every hour before they start becoming even more frequent? I am getting tired of waiting! Our next Dr. appointment is on Monday, if we make it to that visit, I will update if I have dilated more than 1 cm. I hope so!

|Self Belly Shot - 38.5 weeks|

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