Wednesday, July 8, 2009

|9 month stats|

Weight: 22.6 pounds (75%)
Height: 29 inches (75%)
Head: 46 (50%)

At 9 months old Emerick is wearing 12 month clothes, size 2 shoes, & size 3 diapers. He lovves food, and will eat just about anything! He crawls like a pro, and has started pulling himself up (no walking tho!) And he just learned how to wave, which is super cute, but my favorite thing is when you say "dance" and he boogies! :)


Rose said...

So cute! He weighs almost as much as Colin- he is 24.5 pounds!

Krista said...

Mr. August goes on the 15th to the doctor's... I am sooo wanting to know how big he's gotten since 2 months ago! Jackson just went and he was like 16.8 I'm thinking August will be about 15...and I think he is going to be really long, like 26 or 27 inches..
I can't believe in 3 months Emerick will be 1 year old!

taryn said...

He is soooooo cute! Owen dances too and I love it!!!! They are at such an amazing age right now!