Thursday, July 9, 2009

|Go O's!|

A couple of weeks ago we took Emerick to his first major league baseball game, to Camden Yards to see the Baltimore Orioles play. It was a family event, Emerick spent the evening with both of his Grandpas, Auntie Sam, Aunt Jessie, Uncle Aaron, Grace & Aaron, Tristan, Mom Mom Debbie, and more family and friends. We had cool seats, I had never been to a game where I was not sitting in the nose bleeds. Despite the fact that Emerick was teething really bad, the game going well past his bedtime, the smoldering heat, and being totally frightened when the crowd yelled "CHARGE!" I think he managed to have a really good time, and so did we!


Krista said...

This might be really weird, but I serously feel like August and Emerick really look alike! I know..weird right? But I just really think that!!!! Oh and tell James..GO CUBS!

Anni said...

hahaha - I can see what you mean. They are both insanely cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!