Thursday, September 17, 2009

|boys like trucks|

Emerick got this little truck in his goodie bag from cousin Jake's birthday party a couple of months ago, and it quickly became his favorite toy. He has several little cars, but this truck is his favorite. He loves to push it around the house, carry it with him in the car, take it to Grammy's house, I am sure he would sleep with it if we let him. He drives his truck on the walls, in the windowsills, he takes it with him when I change his diaper, he gets mad when I take his truck away from him. It is precious having a little tiny man in the house.

Sadly, Emerick has pushed his truck around so much that it cut his little knuckle from the way he pushes it, and it made him bleed. We are going to have to hide the truck for a few days while his boo boo heals :(

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Anonymous said...

He so loves his truck! I love to watch him play with it. Spin the wheels with his little fingers...seems like he already tries to "fix it". =) I love that lil boy.