Friday, September 4, 2009


Today as I fed Emerick his lunch, I pointed to his bib and said "that's Elmo" A few minuted later I asked him "where is Elmo?" to which he responded by pointing to Elmo on his bib. I asked him this a couple more times during his lunch, and he responded by pointing to Elmo on his bib. Then, after lunch I wanted to see if he was actually identifing Elmo, or just his bib. So I lined up some of his toys including Elmo, and asked him again where Elmo was. He reponded by pointing to the Elmo doll.

Smart boy.


Rose said...


Anonymous said...

That's my smarite grandson! Way to go Emerick and of all people Elmo like your Momma loved and loves!xooxox

Anonymous said...

omg!! that is SO cool! i love when they start to learn stuff like that! its only going to get better!!!!

"it should be called elmo beach, not grover beach"-anni when she was OBSESSED with a year ago.


Alysha Gray said...

Just came across this... not sure if you have already seen it... but I thought if you hadn't I wanted to share. This is your Emerick isn't it?

Hope all is well.

Anni said...

yep, that's him :) we did that segment when he was 11 days old.