Tuesday, March 2, 2010

17 months

At 17 months old Emerick is 27 pounds & 31 1/4 inches. He is wearing size 24 months/2T clothes, (but still 18 month pants!) size 5 shoes, and size 5 or 6 diapers. He has 14 teeth. He slept in until 10:30AM last week, which I could definitely get used to! He is becoming more and more of a Daddy's boy lately. He asks for "Dada" many times during the day! He flirts with anyone and everyone, he is just a people lover. We can't go anywhere without constant comments about his personality, and how cute he is (or quite often how cute "she" is!) He is such a little love, and he gives lots of kisses and hugs.

His latest words:
cookie (tookie)
kitty kitty
tickle tickle
please (he says as a very drawn out eeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

When you ask him where his piggy toes are he points to them and says "tickle tickle tickle!"
Anytime he sees something round, an object or a picture, he says "ball!"

He just had his second bang trim, and the lady cut them crooked. Good thing they grow so fast!

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Anonymous said...

i watch this video at least 2 times a day. usually in a row. im obsessed with it. and it makes me feel like he is talking to me. i love the way he says please. and his face is just so sweet. i miss him so much it hurts. :[