Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slumber Party

Last night our neice and nephew stayed over with us for the first time. Emerick loved the company, and so did we :-)

The three played in the tub together, ate ice cream and pop corn, I braided Grace's hair so she could wake up with "princess curls", we had donuts for breakfast and then I took a couple of pictures of Grace this morning with her crimpy curls :-)


Anonymous said...

omg!!! i'm so glad they finally stayed over!! that is so funny how much emerick was loving having them in the tub with him!! haha

and gracie's hair is so pretty :]

this is exactly why i want to live in the same town, or at least the same state when i start having babies!

love you.


Pam said...

Love it...Emerick loved having them there for sure! I use to braid your hair so it would be crimpy in the morning too! Watching these kiddos grow up makes me remember when you and Sam were wee ones too. I love it. Mom