Sunday, June 12, 2011

25 weeks

This pregnancy is going by very quick. I am taking every day one at a time, and unlike my pregnancy with Emerick - I am in no hurry to deliver. I am enjoying the last of our weeks together as a family of three. There is no need to rush because I know Baby Brother will be here before we know it!

Preparing this time around has been easy and inexpensive. I went through all of Emerick's clothes, from newborn - 1 year and organized them, putting away all of the tiniest clothes in the baby's dresser/closet, and the rest are waiting in storage bins. We don't really have to buy anything except for diapers which I am stocking up on ahead of time. (we already have a bunch!)

All of my checkups have been quick and uneventful, as they were with Emerick. I am blessed to have easy uncomplicated pregnancies.

I started to feel this baby move at around 16 weeks, and he was not really all that active until the past 3 days or so, he has been moving A LOT. I can watch my belly move around, and I can tell that he is laying in there diagonal with his feet on my left side. Two nights ago I felt his hiccups for the first time!

We are planning to have a 4d ultrasound in July to get a sneak peak at what this little guy looks like! I will also be induced once again, and will most likely deliver sometime around the 21st of September! That means Emerick and Baby Brother's Birthdays will be less than 2 weeks apart. Another huge plus of having another boy - shared birthday parties! ;-)

Here is a quick bathroom mirror self belly shot!

24 weeks + 4 days

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I am Samantha Jane said...

i love how he is looking up at you and baby brother!