Saturday, June 18, 2011

Emerick Funnies

I realized that I hadn't been writing down the random silly things Emerick says/does and that I need to start before they fade from my memory :-( I will add to this post as I think of more...


Emerick's response to me asking him why he had thrown his toy on the floor and broke it:

"I don't know! I go insane!"

Apparently he outgrew his recent pair of play shoes, he kept taking them off saying "ouch" so I asked him what hurt:

"My shoes are hurting my socks!"

Driving through Bulle Rock, we saw a Bride and Groom being photographed, Emerick turned his head and upon noticing them yells out:

"Ohh! A Princess!" (we didn't even realize he knew what a Princess was!)

***updated 8/1/11***

In the dressing room with my Mom and me as we are trying on skirts he says to my Mom..
"Grammy? Are you a Princess?!"

After he fell onto his bum he yelled to me...
"Mama! Kiss my heiny!"


Grammy Pammy said...

A very pregnant Princess too..heheheh He was hilarious. So funny

Grammy Pammy said...

You could type it the cute ways he prounces his word,he's too funny! :)