Friday, October 7, 2011

Batman Party!

This past Sunday we celebrated Emerick's 3rd Birthday with a Batman Party! We started asking Emerick what kind of party he wanted about 8 months ago, and his answer never changed. So this was the first year he chose his own party theme. It's funny he wanted a Batman party because he seems to like Spiderman a little more than Batman!

Grammy hosted his party this year, which was so helpful considering I have a brand new baby. This was the smallest party Emerick has had so far, just our closest family (+ the MHWs!) and it was also the perfect opportunity for some of the family that had yet to meet Louis to do so. Louis slept through all of the noise and being passed around at the party.

After everyone had left, Emerick said "let's have a Spiderman party now!" and the next day when Emerick, Louis, and I went over to my Parent's house he thought we were going to his Birthday Party again! He is so dang cute.

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