Saturday, October 29, 2011

Emerick ~ 3 Years Old

Emerick had his 3 year checkup with the Pediatrician on Tuesday. He is 3'2" (60%) and weighs 35 lbs (85%) so in other words he is short and stalky, but we already knew that! He wears a 3t or a 4t depending on the outfit, and a shoe size 8 or 9.

He talks A LOT, and also talks back. A LOT. He is super sassy. I would say 3 years is more difficult than the "Terrible Twos" so far!

Emerick loves being a Big Brother, and despite how rough and tough he is, he is so sweet and gentle with Lou. He has adapted into life with a sibling really well (minus his sleep schedule which is way off right now)

He is still obsessed with Super Heroes, especially Spiderman and Batman.

He is getting better about having his photo taken. Here is a recent snap of my big 3 year old!

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Melody said...

I can't belie how big he has gotten!! Congratulations on the new addition as well!! Btw I love your photography I still get compliments on the twins newborn pictures.