Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All In One Day

Yesterday, Lou not only learned how to drink a bottle, but hold it all by himself... all in one day!

Luckily I have only ever had to leave him for a maximum of about 4 hours at a time. Usually, Grammy or James have had to basically force him to take the bottle. He fought it hard, lots of tears.  Once he started eating some "solid" foods, I never even bothered to bring the bottle for him to try when I left him. Just his baby food, and knowing he would be okay to wait for me to get home for milk.

Last night I had to visit the ER, and James was at school. Grammy came over to stay with the boys, and she tried the bottle before she put Lou to bed. He took it right away, and even held it by himself as if he has been a bottle drinker from day one. This makes me so happy! Not only will I not have to worry about him so much when I am away for a few hours, but starting tonight he got an extra few ounces of my milk before bed.

Here's to hoping this helps him sleep through the night finally!!

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