Tuesday, February 3, 2009

|4 months old|

1 day late, but |maybe| worth the wait? Emerick turned 4 months old yesterday. Oh, how time flies when you are having fun. Really, I just wish he would stop growing! Even though each month gets funner and funner, I am going to miss my little baby. I have decided to try and do a little photo shoot on each day he turns a month older. Today is another snow day. There are 6 weeks left of winter, which means maybe when emerick is 6 months old we can venture outside for some photos. There are some really pretty places in our area for photos. So inside photo shoot it was, first I plopped him in this basket, and of course he had to taste it. Then I stuck him on the floor in the dining room, but this time on a different rug, then he started screaming and wanted to nurse and take a nap. At least he let me get a couple of pictures though :)


Grammy Pammy said...

Oh My Gosh you took some great pictures! How flippin adorable they are! He is a ham...=)

Kathy said...

Ummm I think a baby model is in order....He is soooo cute! and you can tell he loves the camera, when he isnt ready to eat and take a nappy poo that is. =)