Wednesday, February 18, 2009

|g-reen baby|

James picked up a couple of these g-diapers at Whole Foods while I was pregnant, and I came across them a couple of days ago and decided to try them on. He has this orange one, in size medium, and a red one in size large. This medium is still way too big, so Emerick won't be wearing it for real for quite a while, but it was just too cute on his little hiney not to take a picture!


Mama Nicki said...

AWWW the hippies put thos eon their babies here!!! did he really poop n pee in it or is it just for looks?

Anni said...

its just a modern cloth diaper. it has a plastic liner, and then there is also a biodegradable flushable pad you put in it, so yes he can poop and pee in it. :) haha. I like the idea, but the g-diapers specifically, are more expensive than disposies, because the biodegradable liners are expensive. so we will only use what we already have. i want to get some fuzzi bunz, which are just plain machine washable, there is no liner pad you have to buy. so that could be cost and earth effective, hahah.