Thursday, April 30, 2009

|2 teeth|

Last Wednesday I noticed that Emerick's first tooth had broken through. His bottom right came in first, followed by the bottom left just a couple of days later. Emerick has not been cranky at all, or shown any other signs that he is teething (besides the waterfalls of drool!) We haven't even had to use Baby Oragel. They are coming in super fast, and in another couple of weeks he will probably have two complete bottom teeth. HOW CUTE!


Anonymous said...

you dont tell me these things! :[ this is why i hate being so far not a part of anything


Mama Nicki said...

i think boys teeth easier! Bub was better than Em but bub also waited till he was a yr lol! how cute are those teefers...they are gonna start poppin in all fast now! does he totaly make that awesome teefin face bub used to do? awww i miss that face!