Monday, April 13, 2009

|my baby and me|

I have very few photos of myself and Emerick, since I am always the one with the camera in hand.


So, on Easter, I decided that it was my turn to be in front of the camera and have pictures taken with my baby. :) More pictures from Easter coming later, or maybe tomorrow.


Krista said...

I love them!!!! And I feel the same way, there's like NO pictures of me and August! It's really sad!

Rose said...

Beautiful! And it's the same way over here too.

Anonymous said...

seriously, just like everyone else..i dont have any pictures of me with my baby either! i hate that he is all the way in maryland!


taryn said...

beautiful pictures!!! welcome to motherhood, you take all the pics, mostly because you are the one that wants all of the pictures and also because you can make the baby smile more then anyone!