Friday, April 3, 2009

|out with the old|

I spent a good hour today organizing Emerick's clothes. He has A LOT of clothes. I put away another half of a storage bin of stuff that he has outgrown, and finally unpacked stuff that he will soon grow into. I had to hang up a lot of the bigger stuff in the coat closet, because Emerick's closet is full. It always makes me sad to put stuff away, it seems like just yesterday I was washing all of his little clothes and hanging them up in anticipation of his arrival. I also put away the playmat, since he has not really used it the past couple of months. Plus he has this super cool new toy that he loves. Each stage comes and goes all too fast, someone please press pause.


Rose said...

That looks like so much fun!

Erin said...

I need to do that! I'm sad because this time instead of putting all of the old clothes away into storage bins I'm getting rid of them for good. No more babies. Sad.

And I want to get Faye one of those toy things. What are they even called? I don't know but they're super cool and she would love it.

Is Emerick showing signs of crawling soon? He's really advanced... so I'm sure it'll happen any day now.

Anni said...

its called a jumperoo i guess. the brand he has, it bright starts. my mom has a diff. one by bright starts at her house. i like their stuff. he wants to crawl real bad, but he just sort of swims in the air when he is on his belly, so i dont think he gets it yet. fine by me. i like him not being able to get away from me! what about faye?