Sunday, July 25, 2010

Medieval Times

My sister Samantha and her boyfriend Peter were in town for the last week and a half, and we had lots of fun. Emerick loves both his Auntie Mantha, and Peter (whom he became bff with!)

Saturday July 24th was my sister's birthday, and we all went to Medieval Times. It was lots of fun, and a place I have always wanted to go. Watching Emerick was priceless. When the show started Samantha was holding him, and he was scared. He buried his head into her arms for a few minutes. After that, he was fine. He watched the show intensely, and repeated his favorite phrase over and over "OH WOW!"

He also enjoyed watching "Toy Story" during the show on Samantha's iPhone (obsessed with "Toy Story"), and taking Peter's hat on and off of his head over and over again (Sorry Peter)

Some pics...

Ate our entire meal with our fingers...

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