Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr. Bones - Year 3/Age 2

Every October since Emerick has been here, we have taken a snapshot of Auntie Samantha and Emerick wearing a skeleton outfit. Since she was here visiting this month, and we know she won't be here this October, we had to get this years shot a couple of months early. The first shot was taken when Emerick was 25 days old, the second one at 1 year, and now this one just a couple of months shy of his second birthday. I love to see the progress, Emerick has changed SO much!


Anonymous said...

He has changed,those have not changed a bit. I love how he is posing for the latest one. And Auntie Mantha looks beautiful in all of them too. What a great tradtition<3
Grammy Ummmmm

Anonymous said...

I meant his eyes have not changed...looking into them.<3
Grammy Ummmm =)

I am Samantha Jane said...

i LOVE this year's smile. he is perfect.

Rose said...

awesome! I love Mr Bones!