Monday, July 26, 2010

"To infinity...and beyond!"

Emerick has recently become completely obsessed with "Toy Story". He plays with his Buzz and Woody toys more than he does his cars (which he does still play with everyday). He knows that we can watch "Toy Story" on a desktop computer, laptop, cell phone, he is constantly asking to watch "Oy Soy" and bringing you your phone, or laptop if they are within his reach. My favorite thing is when he flies his buzz toy around the room and says "To infinity and beyond", which sounds more like "duhnitity eeeeyon!" It is the cutest thing on earth.

So tonight we bought him these buzz lightyear jammies, and we are going to try the Pull Ups overnights, instead of the Huggies overnight diapers, since the Pull Ups have Toy Story on them. That was the easiest time we have had putting a diaper on in a while. It has become a tantrum every time we have to change a diaper, which is so frustrating.


I am Samantha Jane said...

those are cool!! did he get way excited when he saw them!?

that was my fault for showing him he could watch it on a phone!

i miss him sooo much, all of you really. have you shown him my picture so he doesn't forget me??

I am Samantha Jane said...

oh..why is he plugging his ears?

Anonymous said...

I love his jammies!
Grammy (Ummmm)

Anni said...

he just got out of the tub, so i think he had some water in his ears...he wasn't plugging them.