Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here are some snapshots from Emerick's first birthday.

We had lunch downtown Havre de Grace with Great-Godmama Jane, Auntie Megan, Auntie Mantha, and Grammy. It was lots of fun, and so good that they could all be here for Emerick's big day! We took lots of pictures, and Emerick ate cake.

Dinner time was Mommy and Daddy's time with Emerick. We ate yummy Italian food, and Emerick ate some more cake. We sang "happy birthday" to him, and he clapped. Since his birthday we have not stopped singing "happy birthday" beacuse he loves it, and every time we sing he claps during the whole song!

After dinner, we let Emerick open a present. A truck, of course!


Rose said...

Fun@ And I love that shirt!!

Kelly said...

Yeah Emerick! A year old already! He's adorable!