Friday, October 23, 2009


Today at the post office some lady asked me "how old is she". Emerick was sitting in his stroller as we were waiting in line, wearing ALL BLUE of course. I replied "He is a boy, and he is one." She said she was sorry and that he was so pretty he could be a girl, and then commented on his beautiful hair. He really does have nice hair, and we get comments about his hair wherever we go. About how much he has, how nice and straight it is, with curly tips. How shiny it is, and how nice it "lays" Emerick has actually been mistaken for a girl several times, but only within the last few months. Also, his hair has really grown in these past few months, so I guess that is why.

Anywhoo, I was playing around with his hair tonight, and took some photos. It looks wild, and like a fake piece of hair!!! I am still laughing.

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Krista said...

i laugh everytime i see that picture! it is so funny!