Wednesday, October 7, 2009

|12 months|

On Tuesday I took Emerick for his 1 year checkup. We waited in the waiting room too long for a busy 1 year old, and then waited even longer in the exam room. Emerick was getting very antsy. Then he had to have his finger pricked, twice. (lead testing) That was not fun. It took the nurse 10 loooong minutes to collect blood from his little finger, and then she had to prick his other finger to finish collecting enough blood to fill the tube. That was torture for Emerick. He cried so hard, and was drenched in sweat by the time it was over. Other than that, he is fine. No concerns, and he is progressing just as he should for his age. The Dr. thinks he will walk "any day", but I am predicting he will not walk for another couple of months.
Emerick's latest: "Whassat?" (what's that?) as he points to everything.
One Year stats:
25.4 lbs (lost a bit being sick) - 85%
30 1/4 inches - 70%
HC-47.6 - 85%
My sister took these pictures in the waiting room/exam room at his appointment...

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