Monday, October 20, 2008

|18 days old|

...And still squishy, and lets me bend him in half! I really wish I would have hired a professional photographer to photograph him during his first week. Oh well, maybe next time.

I took him to the Pedi today, and he is back to his birth weight. He was exactly 9 lbs 11 oz today.

I realize that all Mommies are biased and think their baby is the cutest, but I REALLY think that I have one of the cutest little peanuts around!


taryn said...

he is SO cute! AND you ARE a professional photographer!!!!! you are so lucky to have such a good camera!!!

Rose C said...

He is so cute! I agree with the above, you are a pro!

Krista Bandy said...

anni, that baby of course is amazingly cute! I can't wait to meet him..which should be real soon! We are hopefully going to la area soon like in 2-3 weeks...sooo i want to see you and baby!!!

Kelly said...

Professional photographer? YOU are the professional. Everyone one of his photos are perfect! I like to pop by and drool. =) Love the Halloween outfits. Too cute!