Saturday, October 25, 2008

|webbed toes|

One of the things Emerick inherited from his Daddy, is his webbed toes! On both feet, the second and third toes are stuck together. I remember when I was first dating James and he told me he had webbed toes I thought he was so weird, I didn't believe him. I had never seen such a thing! James' Mom had always told him that it was only inherited maternally, so needless to say I was SHOCKED in the delivery room when we discovered Emerick's toes were webbed! Actually it isn't just the webbing that is from James, Emerick's feet are a miniature replica of his Dad's. At least James never has to question his paternity :)

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Rose C said...

Too cute! I had a client (foster/adoptive baby) who had the same webbed toes, too cute.