Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night at 2:00AM someone tried to break into our place!!!!!!!!! We gotta get out of Hel-LA.

So here is what happened, it was really odd and we still can't figure out what the girl was doing. Yes it was a girl trying to get in!

A little after 2AM, we were in bed (not sleeping though, because well...we don't sleep these days!) James heard something at our door, so he jumped up and looked out the peep hole, and saw a woman trying to key her way in. It was weird because it seemed like she was actually using a key to get in, or some sort of object to pick the lock I guess. She tried for a few minutes and then walked down the hall to the neighbors apartment, and though we couldn't see from the peep hole, we could hear that she was trying to get into the apartment next to ours. (We live in a hotel style, indoor apartment building.) She was out of view of our peep hole for quite a while. A while later I was looking through the peep hole and I saw her walk past our door, and then I could hear her exit the side of the building by the pool. So we ran into our bedroom to look out the window to see her, and we saw her walk out, and get into a car that was parked with its engine running waiting for her. It was weird because she was dressed formal, really fancy.



Mama Nicki said...

WHAT IN THE WORLD!?!?! how did they try and break in OMG i hope everything is ok!!!

Rose C said...

Oh my gosh! more details please.

Karen said...

holy crap... is everything ok? what did you do? yeah you need to get out of there right away!!!


taryn said...

do you think that maybe she was just confused and trying to get into the wrong apt.????

Anni said...

taryn- maybe but then she tried the one next door and tried a long time, then left through the side door and got into a car that was waiting for her, so it seemed weird. ????