Tuesday, October 21, 2008

|nap day|

ALL we did today was take naps. I was up for about an hour total today, to change diapers, and I gave Emerick a bath and took a shower myself. I fed him laying down in bed, and we were sleeping the rest of the day. It was amazing and highly recommended! James got a case of food poisoning last night :( He is feeling a lot better now though. We are up now, and thinking about what to eat for dinner, Emerick on the other hand is still passed out in our bed! He LOVES sleeping in our bed with us. I don't let him sleep there at night time, so todays nap day was special treatment, I just hope he doesn't think that means he gets to sleep with us tonight.

|his pants are way too huge on him as you can see!|

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Rose C said...

He is SO CUTE! Do I say that too much?