Sunday, October 19, 2008

|pumpkin patch number 2|

Today we took Emerick to the Pumpkin Patch AGAIN, this time with my Mom and Dad. We tried to go to a different patch than we went to last week, but there was a really mean lady working there that was talking crap to us for having a tiny baby at the Pumpkin Patch. I seriously wanted to tell her off. Anyways, we left that Pumpkin Patch, and went back to the same one as last week. It's a cuter patch anyways. Emerick has a couple of other cute Haloween-ie outfits, so we might have to go to the Pumpkin patch again!!!


Rose C said...

He is precious! I love his outfit. Too cute.

I got told off by a lady at Barnes and Noble for bringing Colin when he was little. It was awful. He was 2 weeks old but we had already been to the germy doctor no less than 4 times. So frustrating.

Krista Bandy said...

my mom got crap for taking me out when I was young by some lady at the store. She was really pissed off and did tell the lady off. You don't have to make your child stay at home just because they are a week old! you yourself need to get out too and not be in the house 24/7! was that lady old??

taryn said...

It's so funny that other people care about this type of thing.. I mean I understand to an extent but people are just so nosy and rude! When we were at the pumpkin patch last week this lady walked up to me and opened up the sling that I WAS WEARING AND OWEN WAS INSIDE OF to ask me how old he was, when I told her she kind of shook her head with a serious face and I just walked away! People are so bitter!!!