Sunday, October 26, 2008

|picky sleeper|

As I've mentioned before, Emerick hates his crib. He is a pretty picky sleeper in my opinion. If he could have it his way, he would sleep in your arms, or next to you in bed. I will feed him, and have him in a deep sleep, but as soon as I put him down, he is wide awake crying within minutes. Night time seems to be a little easier, luckily, and he usually goes down in his swing or papasan for his 2-3 hour stretches. During the day and in the evenings, he seems to have a problem being put down. I think I found a place he will stay asleep for a couple of hours though, his adorable moses basket! He has slept in it 2 evenings in a row for a couple of hours at a time. Not sure what we will do when he quickly outgrows it though.

|he also LOVES to be swaddled|


Rose C said...

You can always put the Moses Basket in his crib!

taryn said...

Owen loves to be swaddled also! Do you have a bassinet? That is where he sleeps right next to the bed and he seems to like it, plus it has a vibrating setting that sometimes gets him to sleep when he is fussy.